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Canon Eos Rebel Xsi Firmware Update Download Version 1.1.0 ##VERIFIED##

Nikon UK is pleased to announce a new firmware update for the COOLPIX P7000 which is now available to download via the Nikon web site. Please click on the links below for more information about the improvements and instructions on how to download version 1.1.

Canon Eos Rebel Xsi Firmware Update Download Version 1.1.0

Download Zip:

EOS Rebel XS/ 1000D version 1.0.5EOS Rebel XSi/ 450D version 1.1.0EOS 50D Version 1.0.6 Panasonic announces three firmware updatesDMC-FT1/DMC-TS1 Firmware update Version 1.1 DMC-TZ6/DMC-ZS1 Firmware update Version 1.1 DMC-TZ7/DMC-ZS3 Firmware update Version 1.1

1. Check your current firmware version to make sure you even need to update! Go to the menu, scroll to the left, and find the Firmware Version tag. Compare the number stated here with the version number on the Canon website.

7. Turn the camera on, go back to the menu, and find the Firmware version section once again. Select it, and you will be able to see the current firmware version. Select the firmware version you want to update to.

Keep in mind that on some rare occasions, updating the firmware may glitch your system. Luckily, you can roll updates back to an earlier working version in Canon cameras! You can find information on rolling updates back on the Canon website.

The 400D uses the DIGIC II image processor, as is used in the 350D. The 400D file numbering system holds 9,999 pictures, as opposed to 100 photos in one folder with the 350D. Support for the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) USB protocol is available since version 1.1.0.[3] The latest firmware available is version 1.1.1.[3]

Its very strange, man.So to update the firmware, you could copy the file derectly to SD Card. Dont try to copy by camera interface. And you should install the lastest firmware (version 1.1.0)I hope this helps.ages ago(permalink)

Voor de EOS 450D digitale camera heeft Canon nieuwe firmware beschikbaar gesteld. De firmware heeft versienummer 1.1.0 meegekregen en is hier te downloaden. De enige vernieuwing in de 1.1.0-release is de ondersteuning voor de Speedlite 270 EX-flitser. De volledige release notes staan hieronder vermeld:


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