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More Images Of The Upcoming HTC Windows Phone Appear Online

You can use focal points to define the most important part of an image on your online store's theme. When you set a focal point on an image, you make it the area of focus. Focal points always appear in frame, even if you have a theme that crops your image to fit the layout. Focal points give you more control over the way your image is displayed when themes use different aspect ratios, and on varying screen sizes.

More images of the upcoming HTC Windows Phone appear online

When you view an image on your online store, the colors in the image might look different from those in the original that you uploaded to Shopify. This can occur when an image has a color profile, which is a set of data stored in a file with a .ICC or .ICM extension. Color profiles are often embedded into images to help standardize the way that the colors appear on different devices. When images are displayed on your online store, their color profiles are removed.


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