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TextBox 1.2 Crack Mac Osx

Textbox 1.2 Mac OSX

Textbox 1.2 is a simple and lightweight text editor for Mac OSX. It allows you to create and edit plain text files, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Markdown, and more. Textbox 1.2 has a minimalist and intuitive interface, with a toolbar that provides easy access to common functions, such as opening, saving, printing, copying, pasting, undoing, redoing, and searching.


Textbox 1.2 also supports syntax highlighting for various languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and more. You can choose from different themes to customize the appearance of your code. Textbox 1.2 also has a built-in preview feature that lets you see how your HTML code looks like in a web browser.

Textbox 1.2 is compatible with Mac OSX 10.9 or later. You can download it from the official website or from the Mac App Store. Textbox 1.2 is free to use for personal and non-commercial purposes. If you like Textbox 1.2 and want to support its development, you can make a donation via PayPal or buy the pro version, which unlocks some additional features, such as full-screen mode, line numbers, word count, and more.

Textbox 1.2 is a great choice for anyone who needs a simple and fast text editor for Mac OSX. It is especially useful for web developers who want to write and test HTML code without switching between different applications. Textbox 1.2 is easy to use and has a clean and elegant design that makes coding enjoyable.


  • [Official website]

  • [Mac App Store]

  • [PayPal]

  • [Pro version]


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