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Kulyat E Mohsin Naqvi Pdf Free Download

Kulyat e Mohsin Naqvi PDF Free Download

Mohsin Naqvi was a popular Pakistani poet who died young. He wrote many books of poetry, including ghazals, nazms, and shers. His poetry is known for its deep and profound expression of love, sorrow, and spirituality. He was also a religious scholar who had devoted himself to the propagation of knowledge related to the Holy Ahlebayt.

If you are a fan of Mohsin Naqvi's poetry, you might be interested in downloading his complete works in PDF format. There are many websites that offer free downloads of his books, but some of them might not be reliable or authentic. In this article, we will provide you with some trustworthy sources where you can find and download the kulyat (complete works) of Mohsin Naqvi.

kulyat e mohsin naqvi pdf free download

Rekhta Ebook Library

Rekhta is a website that provides a platform for Urdu literature lovers. It has a large collection of Urdu books, poems, and audio-visual content. You can search for ebooks by poets and by name in the search box. Rekhta has 10 ebooks of Mohsin Naqvi, including Azab-e-Deed, Band-e-Qaba, Barg-e-Sahra, Haq Elia, Khema-e-Jan, Reza-e-Harf, Rida-e-Khwab, Tulu-e-Ashk, and his selected shers and qitas.

To download the ebooks from Rekhta, you need to create a free account on the website. Then, you can click on the book title and choose the download option. You can also read the books online on the website or on the Rekhta app.

Raikhta Blog

Raikhta is a blog that posts Urdu poetry and literature. It has recently uploaded the kulyat of Mohsin Naqvi in PDF format. The blog has all the 10 books of Mohsin Naqvi that are available on Rekhta, as well as his 50 selected verses. The blog also has some information about Mohsin Naqvi's life and poetry.

To download the PDF files from Raikhta blog, you just need to click on the book title and then click on the download button. You can also view the PDF files online on the blog. is a website that preserves and provides access to historical and cultural artifacts in digital form. It has millions of books, movies, music, software, and other media files that are free to download or stream. has a collection of Khutbat e Mohsin, which are the speeches of Mohsin Naqvi on various religious topics. The speeches were delivered by Mohsin Naqvi before his martyrdom in 1996.

To download the Khutbat e Mohsin from, you can choose from different formats such as PDF, EPUB, Kindle, or Text. You can also listen to the audio files of the speeches on the website or download them as MP3 files.


Mohsin Naqvi was a great poet and scholar who left behind a rich legacy of Urdu literature. His kulyat (complete works) are a treasure for Urdu poetry lovers. You can download his books and speeches in PDF format from various websites such as Rekhta, Raikhta blog, and We hope that this article has helped you find and download the kulyat e Mohsin Naqvi PDF free.


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