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Linset Download Evil Twin Attack Hacking Tool

If you are looking for a tool that can help you perform an evil twin attack, you might want to check out Linset. Linset is a bash script that automates the process of creating a fake Wi-Fi access point and capturing the handshake of the target network. It also provides a web interface that can trick the users into entering their Wi-Fi password or other sensitive information. In this article, we will explain what an evil twin attack is, how Linset works, and how to use it.

What is an evil twin attack?

An evil twin attack is a type of man-in-the-middle attack that involves setting up a rogue Wi-Fi network that mimics a legitimate one. The attacker hopes that the users will connect to the fake network instead of the real one, and then intercepts or modifies their traffic. An evil twin attack can be used to steal personal data, login credentials, credit card information, or inject malware into the victim's device.


An evil twin attack can be carried out in any place where there is a public Wi-Fi network, such as a coffee shop, airport, hotel, or library. The attacker can use a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or portable router to create the fake network. They can also use a device called a Wi-Fi Pineapple to extend the range and functionality of the attack.

An evil twin attack can be very hard to detect, especially if the attacker uses the same name and logo as the legitimate network. The users may not notice any difference in the connection quality or speed. However, there are some signs that can indicate an evil twin attack, such as:

  • A captive portal page that asks for more information than usual, such as email address, phone number, or social media account.

  • A warning message from the browser or antivirus software that the connection is not secure or the certificate is invalid.

  • An unusual amount of pop-ups, ads, or redirects to suspicious websites.

  • A change in the behavior or performance of the device, such as slow response, battery drain, or overheating.

To prevent an evil twin attack, users should always be careful when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. They should avoid entering sensitive information or accessing online accounts on unsecured networks. They should also use a VPN service to encrypt their traffic and protect their privacy. Additionally, they should keep their devices updated with the latest security patches and antivirus software.

How does Linset work?

Linset is a tool that simplifies the process of performing an evil twin attack. It was developed by vk496 and is available on SourceForge. Linset works by following these steps:

  • It scans the networks and displays the available access points and clients.

  • It allows the user to select a target network and capture its handshake. If the handshake is not available, it can still proceed with the attack.

  • It allows the user to choose one of several web interfaces that are tailored for different scenarios and languages. The web interfaces are designed to look like legitimate login pages or error messages that prompt the users to enter their Wi-Fi password or other information.

  • It creates a fake access point with the same name and channel as the target network. It also creates a DHCP server and a DNS server to redirect all requests to the attacker's host.

  • It launches a web server with the selected interface and waits for the users to connect to the fake network and enter their password or information.

  • It deauthenticates all users of the target network, hoping that they will reconnect to the fake network and fall for the trap.

  • It verifies the validity of the passwords or information that are entered by the users. If they are correct, it stops the attack and displays them on the screen.

How to use Linset?

To use Linset, you need to have a Linux system with some dependencies installed, such as aircrack-ng, hostapd, lighttpd, php5-cgi, etc. You can download Linset from SourceForge or GitHub. You can also watch a video tutorial on YouTube. Here are some basic steps to use Linset:

  • Open a terminal and navigate to the folder where you downloaded Linset. Make the script executable by typing chmod +x

  • Run the script by typing ./ You will see a welcome message and a disclaimer. Press any key to continue.

  • Select the wireless interface that you want to use for the attack. Linset will put it in monitor mode and display its name.

  • Select the type of scan that you want to perform. You can choose between scanning all channels or a specific channel.

  • Select the target network from the list of available access points. Linset will display its name, MAC address, channel, encryption, and signal strength.

  • Select the type of attack that you want to perform. You can choose between using a handshake file or capturing a handshake. If you choose to capture a handshake, Linset will deauthenticate a client from the target network and wait for it to reconnect and capture its handshake. You can also skip this step and proceed without a handshake.

  • Select the web interface that you want to use for the attack. Linset will show you a preview of how it looks and ask you to confirm your choice.

  • Wait for Linset to create the fake access point and launch the web server. It will also start deauthenticating the users of the target network.

  • Wait for the users to connect to the fake network and enter their password or information. Linset will check if they are valid and display them on the screen. You can also see them in a log file called linset-credentials.txt in the same folder as the script.

  • Press Ctrl+C to stop the attack and restore the original settings of your wireless interface.

Linset is a powerful tool that can help you perform an evil twin attack with ease. However, it should only be used for educational or testing purposes, and not for malicious or illegal activities. Always respect the privacy and security of other users and networks, and use Linset responsibly.


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