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Download 30K Mixed UHQ Combo Txt

Pool plaster will immediately start hydrating when mixed, and 86% of the cement in the plaster will cure within the first 28 days. This is why timely filling and dedicated startup maintenance is critical to any new pool plaster project.

Download 30K Mixed UHQ Combo txt

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Offer new products in a bundle with a relevant product. For example, if you just started stocking this new line of press-on nails, then you can bundle it with a bestselling manicure set. You may also bundle new products with surplus or stagnant inventory as a mixed BOGO bundle.

In mixed bundling, customers have the option to choose the items in a bundle or buy them individually. The customers can buy the products individually but mixed bundling offers the bundling at a lesser price compared to the price of the products individually.

The key to success: wet n wild used a combo strategy of a branded hashtag challenge + a custom sound + creator partnerships + Top View ads. Each component magnified the others, resulting in massive reach. 041b061a72


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