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Low-end massage chairs usually offer little more than simple vibration and rolling massage. On the other hand, high-end massage chairs offer a wide variety of features to help put you at ease. These features often include, but certainly are not limited to:

buy massage chair

In addition to offering various massage styles, all luxury massage chairs can target areas besides your back. Many full body massage chairs offer a leg and foot massage function, and some chairs can even target the arms and hands. These targeted massage options are usually delivered by air bags, massage heads or rollers spread throughout the chair. Advanced massage chairs can also feature a thumb-like massage head to mimic the therapeutic benefits of a trip to a masseuse.

Massage airbags offer powerful relief from tension and stiffness by pumping pressurized air into small pouches located in the back, legs or sides of your massage chair. The airbags, when inflated, compress your muscles, which helps stimulate blood flow and provides soreness relief. This delivers a different sensation and style of massage from the roller system.

If you are wondering whether the airbag function is right for you, look for a massage chair that delivers both airbag and rolling massages simultaneously. Combined, the two can create the most advanced full-body massage available in a chair.

Likewise, be sure you have the physical space to comfortably fit a massage chair. Size specifications are listed by most online massage chair retailers, so come armed with your own space measurements so you can make the most informed choice.

Most advanced massage chairs come with the option of a heated massage seat and/or back. Through applying infrared heat, your massage becomes significantly more effective by relaxing your muscles, improving circulation and releasing toxins. Massage chair users with arthritis, inflammation, joint or muscle stiffness or deep tissue pain find that heat therapy eases pain and discomfort and relaxes their muscles enough so that the rollers can penetrate through tension.

Most high-end massage chairs feature a variety of recline options, the most popular of which is zero gravity. Zero gravity recline mimics the weightlessness of space as it places your body in a gravity-neutral position, taking pressure off your spine. This can lower your heart rate, reduce tension and improve circulation. Some massage chair reclining options include a single-touch feature, giving you ultimate control with the press of a button. Studies have shown that adding a degree of recline to your massage not only provides a deeper massage experience, but also significantly boosts relaxation.

Most massage chairs have between three and 30 pre-programmed massage options. These provide a unique, timed massage that targets specific areas of the body, and are excellent at the end of a long day when the last thing you want to do is mess around with buttons. The more advanced massage chairs usually have body scanning technology, which tests the reactions of various areas of your body and customizes a massage accordingly.

The more automatic programs a massage chair has, the less repetitive your massage experience will be, especially if the programs can be combined or customized. A wealth of options ensures no two massages are the same!

Massage therapists must be licensed to practice in most states, and they may also choose to be board certified at the national level. Unlike physicians, massage therapists have not completed medical school and earned either a doctor of medicine (MD) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) degree, so they are not qualified to diagnose diseases or prescribe treatments. Likewise, the training required to become a massage therapist is much different from that of a physical therapist or chiropractor (though practitioners in these fields often work in tandem).

Additionally, 30 testers (including myself) spent a collective 39 hours testing stationary massage chairs in our Long Island City, New York, office over three rounds of testing in 2020, 2021, and 2022. These testers ranged from 100 to 309 pounds and from 5 feet to 6 feet 3 inches tall. They noted how far each chair reclined and how easy it was to recline, whether the heating feature was adequately warm, whether the intensity settings were easy to adjust and powerful enough, and whether they particularly liked or disliked any of the massage-style settings. If the chairs had extra coverage areas (such as the neck or feet) or features like built-in speakers, the testers took notes on how well these functioned and affected the overall experience. They assessed the materials, build quality, comfort, and style (unlike the portable models, a stationary massage chair occupies a big footprint in your home, so you need to be committed to how it looks). After testing each chair, the testers assigned it an overall score on a scale of 1 to 5.

The OS-Champ massages muscles with a variety of movements, including kneading, tapping, rolling, compressing, and stretching. Mechanical knobs move on a track to massage the neck, back, thighs, and feet, while airbags inflate and deflate to massage the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. It has three distinct intensity settings, which most testers said were intuitive to adjust.

A massage from a massage therapist is undoubtedly better for the environment than any mechanical massage chair, which are primarily made of metal, plastic, and other petroleum-based materials that can sit in a landfill for years and leach harmful substances into local ecosystems. Also, like with most household products, the process of manufacturing and shipping mechanical massage chairs emits greenhouse gasses, trapping heat in the atmosphere and warming the planet.

Committing your time each day to unwind and relax with a massage chair will help you develop a daily wellness routine to better your health. The benefits of healing your body through massage are actually easier to attain and more affordable than you think. Massage will help to decrease stress, reduce pain, heighten energy levels long term, and effect a new sense of happiness in your life.

You can see how much money you would have saved by purchasing your massage own chair instead. The cost breakdown may come as a surprise to some but a massage chair becomes more valuable the more you use it.

As far as the quality performance of a massage chair, many may question how satisfying the massage will be. Massage chairs have incredible technology and mechanics. Many with the brilliance to perform a human-like, total-body massage in 30 minutes or less. A session like this will leave you feeling like you just experienced a professional massage, all in less time.

Today, massage chairs typically start in the price range of $999 to $1,999. Within this price range, you can find introductory massage techniques like kneading or rolling up and down the spinal column. Some chairs within the starting price range are equipped with features to enhance your massage experience with heated seats and zero-gravity seating. Zero-gravity is a staple feature on many massage chairs, like the Positive Posture Sol. Reclining back will create a similar weightless sensation that astronauts experience in space. Reduced pressure in this ergonomic position will reduce back pain by decompressing the spine while heat and massage rollers soothe sore, achy muscles.

Top-of-the-line massage chairs will cost a bit more but come with all the bells and whistles. The OHCO M8, Panasonic MAJ73 will cost between $7,999 to $9,999. Indulge yourself in luxury with total body heat, Bluetooth speakers, massage that mimic the hands of a shiatsu master, and an aroma-therapy diffuser for a true spa-like massage. The highest quality massage chairs like these will transport you to a state of serenity, renewal, and deep relaxation to experience at your leisure.

The good news is a massage chair is a long term investment in your health that can help you sleep better, decrease pain, and improve mental health and immunity. The even better news is, though some chairs can be a little costly, even the most expensive massage chairs pay for themselves quickly with regular use. Massage chairs will provide the convenience to develop a therapeutic routine that will allow your body to prosper and live fully by managing chronic pain or health conditions.

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Massage therapy is an excellent and soothing way to relieve stress, reduce pain, or unwind after a long day. Similarly, massage chairs are one of the best natural, effective, and convenient ways to relax your mind and body. They are somewhat of an investment, but massage chairs become more valuable the more often they are used. They can pay for themselves in a matter of months, compared to the cost of regular visits to a professional. Massage chairs can indefinitely save you time and money on massage therapy while helping you relieve stubborn pain, stress, and tension through boosted circulation, muscle relaxation, and endorphin release.

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