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What You Need to Know About PhotoPRINT SERVER-PRO 10.rar and How to Use It

the new release also includes other enhancements that should be of interest to photoprint customers. these include improvements to the preview window, the ability to access work projects on any of your servers, control over the openicc font library, font preview improvements, and quicklinks to other flexi and photoprint work projects.



  • there is a known issue with certain internet explorer versions when using the following printer connection modes: web connected (when the drivers are able to print directly from the internet using a wan print connection)

  • network attached (when the drivers print directly from a local file share using a lan print connection)

some fonts dont work with papercut without a bit of manual poking around. if in doubt, use the application to see if anything works, then if not, open the font panel, go to the font tab and choose a printer generic font. activate this font in both the print server, in the any application and then in the app itself. any app that doesnt work with the active font, will fail at that point to load the font, and thus not print to that app.

the print proxy classifier will flag any attempts to use an unsupported printer driver. for example, this would flag a.ppd file with a /type 4 on the first line. this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release. unfortunately, this only applies to the current job, so its best to avoid printing from this problematic document.

on a system running windows 7 and earlier or a driver that does not support the windows nt 5.1 printer protocol, selecting a multi-page print job may cancel the entire job, resulting in no printed pages being present in the output. (i guess they had to come up with another word for "canceling a print job by accident.")


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