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Good Prop Hunt Mapsl

Good Prop Hunt Maps

Prop Hunt is a popular game mode in Fortnite, where one team of players transforms into various objects and tries to hide from the other team, who has to find and eliminate them. Prop Hunt maps are custom-made by the creative community, and they offer a variety of themes, locations, and challenges for both hiders and seekers. In this article, we will introduce some of the best Prop Hunt maps in Fortnite, and provide their codes for you to try them out.

Download Zip:

The Winterfest Market

The Winterfest Market is a festive and cozy map that features a Christmas-themed market with stalls, trees, lights, and snow. The hiders can disguise themselves as presents, candy canes, snowmen, and other holiday-related objects, while the seekers have to search through the market and find them. The Winterfest Market - Prop Hunt map includes many holiday themed objects around the map, and the snowy weather makes for the cherry on top for this holiday themed map. The code for this map is 4619-2620-9418.

Candy Lane Board Game

Candy Lane Board Game is a fun and colorful map that combines Prop Hunt with a board game. The hiders and seekers take turns to roll a dice and move along the candy-themed board, where they can encounter different events and mini-games. The hiders can transform into various sweets and treats, while the seekers have to catch them before they reach the end of the board. Candy Lane Board Game is a creative and interactive map that adds a twist to the traditional Prop Hunt mode. The code for this map is 7871-0928-8804.

Modern High School

Modern High School is a realistic and detailed map that recreates a typical high school environment. The hiders can blend in with the classrooms, lockers, cafeteria, gym, and other areas of the school, while the seekers have to use their detective skills and clues to find them. Modern High School is a simulation map that offers a lot of hiding spots and props for the hiders, as well as a gun game mode for the seekers. The code for this map is 1796-8865-3830.

Meme House

Meme House is a hilarious and chaotic map that features a house full of memes and references from popular culture. The hiders can transform into famous characters, objects, and symbols from movies, games, shows, and internet memes, while the seekers have to spot them among the absurdity. Meme House is a humorous and entertaining map that will make you laugh and have fun with your friends. The code for this map is 5860-6981-7291.


Prop Hunt is a game mode that allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination, as well as test your skills and strategy. There are many Prop Hunt maps in Fortnite that you can play with your friends or join online. We have listed some of the best ones in this article, but there are many more that you can discover on websites like [Fortnite Creative HQ] or [Dropnite]. Have fun playing Prop Hunt!


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