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Dear Frontline, I very much enjoyed your program on living old. I am 49 years old now and for years I have viewed people growing old and seen people die both with pain and agony and very peacefully. My biggest fear is to grow old and become frail. To become old unable to take care of myself and without quality of life. I do not fear death but see death as part of life. Currently I am enrolled in college to become an registered nurse and plan to persue my BSN there after. It is my hope to help others to have a better Quality of life for what they have left. I know that you can not save the world but each person can make a difference. I hope to do that.

Thank you for this program. Death today is now hidden in hospitals, but so is the frailness of the elderly. It is so sad that we as a country are not prepared for what is coming, the increase in the large numbers of elderly that are living longer. It seems that the colleges are not able to turn out enough nurses and doctors fast enough. I will end this in saying that the gentleman,that was on this program, is so right in what he said, " Growing old is for the birds " and this can only become even more true in just the near future. Thank you again,

I was very touched by your program. I have worked in the NYC area as a home care nurse for over 10 years. This is an issue I have faced in my work often and I was pleased to see physicians advocating for clients facing end of life decisions and questioning the sustaining of life without considering it's quality.

As a home care nurse I am afforded the privilege spending as much time as is necessary with each client to facilitate a close trusting relationship which often lends itself to an open discussion of this issues. I think that cost cutting measures and the advent of managed care has forced physicians to spend less and less time with their patients and has interfered with there ability to devote time to discussing these sensitive, personal decisions. I was pleased to see that some physicians are taking the bold step to speak out in our litigious society and truly connect with their patients and caregivers and educate them in all the options available.

The kid was in pain but doing all right. He was on a solid morphine drip. What bothered him more than his wounds were the pair of nurses who talked too loud and the bright lights in the cabin. The lights were kept bright so open wounds could be seen clearly by the nurses. Still the lights kept the kid awake. My friend kept the kid awake too, trying to sleep next to someone as burnt up as him was like trying to sleep next to a box of poisonous snakes.

The first walker they wheel into the room is a monster, just right for a hospital-bound gorilla. Two cold, hard, steel arm supports for the forearms, handgrips in front, and I lean into it more than walk. On my debut foray, I manage to get perhaps ten feet into the hallway and back, the nurses cheering me all the way: the baby has made it from the easy chair to the couch. 041b061a72


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